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Why Live In Spain?

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People often want to know why they should live in Spain and consider purchasing property for sale in Costa del Sol. Ask any person living in the country and they will provide their own answer. Following are some themes, however, that people hear again and again.

  • The pace of life tends to be slower in the country, with families gathering for meals frequently. Life should be enjoyed, and residents here truly appear to do so. They stroll down the streets as dusk approaches, catching up with friends and neighbors, or spend hours chatting in the outdoor cafes. Siestas are another reason so many choose to make the move to this country.
  • The sun always appears to be shining in Spain, yet residents are never overly warm thanks to the sea breezes coming in. Even during the winter months, Spaniards find they can wear short sleeves for a large majority of the days. This is true of all parts of the country, even in the northern part where winters tend to be mild.
  • Spain has earned a reputation for having friendly locals, ones who enjoy talking with new residents and tourists alike. They love life and can be friendly one minute and reserved the next. The diversity of the people is only matched by the diversity of the culture. Each region has its own culture, language, and customs, although all speak Spanish as well. People often state they feel like they have visited a number of countries even though they have never stepped foot out of Spain.
  • Individuals who have dreamed of moving to Western Europe only to find the cost of living was beyond their reach have yet to look at property for sale in Costa del Sol. Spain remains one of the most affordable countries in the region, even during a recession. Not only is the housing inexpensive, there’s little need to heat the home during the winter months, allowing people to save even more, and the public transportation is outstanding. Many find they no longer need to own a car, and a person’s quality of life can significantly improve when they move to this country. Crime rates tend to be low here also, which all residents are certain to be thrilled with.
  • Whether a person is looking to relocate to Spain, wishes to buy investment property, or wants a holiday home, one major benefit of choosing property for sale in Marbella or anywhere in Spain is the ease of access to the country. Travelers may arrive via one of the many international airports located in Spain or choose to arrive by way of ferry. It’s all a matter of personal preference, allowing each resident and tourist to determine which they are most comfortable with.
  • Excellent healthcare is one reason many people opt to live in the country. In fact, the World Health Organisation once described Spain as a “near perfect environment as it is possible to obtain”. Those suffering from rheumatism, heart problems, arthritis, and asthma especially find they benefit from living here.

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